Romani in UK – Romanians in UK


The Romanian phrase for „Romanians living in the UK” is “Romani in UK“, and will be used in this article various times. 

Recent 2011 statistics show that there are approximately 500.000 Romanians living, studying or working in the UK. Many of them have high qualifications and they consider Great Britain their second home. Since Romania joined the EU, the UK government has imposed a set of restrictions for Romanian nationals on the labour market, therefore the ones that are currently employed here are considered to be very hard working people that contribute to the welfare of the society and economy. 

Why does the portal “ROMANi ONLiNE” exist? Established in november 2004, ROMANi ONLiNE is now regarded as THE OFFICIAL ROMANIAN COMMUNITY website. The portal shares for FREE information and knowledge regarding the day-to-day life in the UK through its “newcomer” section. Furthermore, the constantly growing community shares life experiences and advice through the forum section. All this information is meant to help nationals that are already in the UK (romani in uk) or consider relocating in the UK from any other country in the world. 

Another much visited section is The News, where our editors choose from the UK and Romanian papers and online media the most relevant ones for the Romani in UK

On ROMANi ONLiNE you may also find “Classified Ads” and the “Community” pages, where our members upload pictures, videos, write articles and share interesting stories. 

What sets ROMANi ONLiNE apart from other portals? The main point of difference is the “originality” through the website design, structure, style, accurate and current content, relevance, advanced level of information and impact. The second most important point of difference is “multiple communication channels” trough our monthly Newsletter “BIROUK”, Online Radio, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Community and Forum. Third most important point of difference is “independence” – not politically affiliated. We would like the visitors to discover the rest of them. 

ROMANi ONLiNE endeavours to support every Romanian in UK and each of them is more than welcome to join our community. Only a computer with internet connection is required to enter our new world, full of good information, nice people, interesting news and of course, a little bit of fun. 

We would like to thank to all our over 12,000 members that are at the heart of our community for supporting us and other romani in UK and to our most important partners in the UK – Romanian Cultural Centre and Ratiu Foundation and also in Romania – Radio Romania International.