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Totul despre National Insurance Number

Discussion in 'Arhiva' started by motanik, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. motanik

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    Forms available to download
    All the forms are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To be able to view and print out the forms, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To save a file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose the save option.


    Model Notification to Pay the Special National Insurance Contribution
    This form can be used to calculate and notify the payment of the special contribution due under the Social Security Contributions (Share Options) Act 2001.

    National Insurance Services to Pension Industry Forms
    View forms available and order online

    Application to pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions by Direct Debit
    (Or you can complete the form online.)

    To pay voluntary National Insurance contributions

    National Insurance Number Trace. This form is used by employers to trace an employees National Insurance Number when a P46 is not being sent to HMRC Tax Office. Use of the form is voluntary.

    Deferring employee Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs) for 6 April 2006 to 5 April 2007 (96K)

    Deferring self-employed National Insurance contributions (NICs)for 6 April 2006 to 5 April 2007

    If you think our decision is wrong

    Married woman application for a certificate of election or to change to full liability

    National Insurance contributions for widow's or widowers

    Application to pay National Insurance contributions by Direct Debit

    Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP) - application form

    CF411 Notes
    Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP) - Notes

    Your National Insurance Contributions

    Toate aplicatiile pot fi downloadate de la adresa de mai sus.
  2. motanik

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    What is a National Insurance number?
    A National Insurance (NI) number is a personal number used:

    to record a person's NI contributions and credited contributions
    because it is needed when claiming social seccurity benefits.

    A NI number should only be given to one person and must only be used by that person. There are circumstances when, by law, you must apply for a NI number.

    When and where should I apply for a National Insurance number?

    You should apply for a NI number if:

    you will be making a claim for benefit, or
    your partner is claiming benefit for you.

    This should be done through your local Jobcentre Plus office. You can find your local office on the Jobcentre Plus website.

    You should also apply for a NI number if:

    you have started or are about to start work
    you are self-employed, or
    you want to pay voluntary NI contributions and would benefit from paying them.

    For these applications you should telephone 0845 600 0643 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    If you are hard of hearing, or have speech difficulties, call our textphone on 0845 600 0644.

    Applying for a National Insurance number

    There is a process of checks we need to go through when you apply for an NI number. Firstly, we make sure you need an NI number. Secondly, we make sure you haven’t already got an NI number. If you need an NI number and you haven’t already got one, we will write and ask you to come to an interview.
    We use this interview to check your identity and, where applicable, your right to work – to make sure you are who you say you are, that you are entitled to work in the UK (where applicable) and to protect your NI and social security accounts.

    What is an interview for?

    At the interview, we will ask you questions about who you are and why you want an NI number. This information, and any official documents you bring with you, will help to prove your identity and, where applicable, your right to work. You may also have to fill in a form to apply for an NI number.
    When we give you the date of your interview, we will tell you what information or evidence to bring with you. The information or evidence you need to bring depends on why you need the NI number. The list below might give you an idea of the relevant documents.
    The interview will usually be with one other person unless, for example, you need an interpreter. Sometimes we may ask for your permission to let us keep your documents for a short time. We will give you a receipt for any documents you let us keep.

    What types of evidence and information can I bring?

    Here are some examples of the types of evidence and information we need. We cannot accept photocopies.

    For advice about ordering a copy of a birth or marriage certificate, visit the General Register Office website.

    General documents:

    National Identity card
    Birth certificate
    Marriage or civil partnership certificate.
    Full driving licence
    Home Office documents
    2 or more passports if you are of dual- or multi-nationality
    Student-loan documents
    Student identity card
    Letter from your college, including course details
    Mortgage or rental agreement
    Residence or naturalisation documents
    Adoption certificate

    Employment documents:

    A work permit
    A letter from your employer
    Your contract of employment
    Details of any employment agencies you are registered with.
    Evidence that you are actively looking for work
    Certificate of incorporation
    Memorandum of association
    Articles of association
    Services contract

    Documents if you’re self-employed:

    Letters from your accountant
    Letters from your clients
    A form or letter from HMRC about your self employment, for example a bill for your Class 2 National Insurance contributions.
    Stock transfer form

    If you have recently arrived in Britain after living outside Europe, you must bring any travel documents you have. These are documents that give information about your travel between countries. They include things like your passport, National Identity card or NASS 35 form (issued to people seeking asylum in the UK).

    The leaflet How to prove your identity for benefit purposes (ISSPA5JP) gives more examples of this type of document.

    If you have any other documents that you think may help prove your identity or your right to work, please bring them with you.

    If you do not have any documents you must still go to the interview.
    You may be able to prove your identity with the information you give at the interview.

    What happens after the interview?

    If your application is successful, we will give you your NI number in writing as soon as possible after the interview. We will send you an NI numbercard later. If your application is unsuccessful we will write and tell you.

    Remember - a National Insurance number is not proof of identity.

    There is more detailed information about National Insurance numbers on the HM Revenue & Customs website


    Varianta in limba romana a acestor informatii va fi postata in urmatoarele zile.
  3. motanik

    motanik New Member

    Jan 22, 2009
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    Ce este un Numar de asigurare nationala (NINO)?

    NINO este un numar personal:
    - folosit pentru a inregistra contributiile sociale ale unei personae
    - - necesar atunci cand solicitati beneficii sociale
    Un NINO trebuie acordat unei singure personae si trebuie folosit numai de catre acea persoana. Sunt circumstante cand, prin lege, trebuie sa aplicati pt un NINO.

    Cand si unde trebuie sa aplic pt NINO?

    Trebuie sa aplicati pt NINO daca:
    - solicitati beneficii
    - partenerul dvs solicita beneficii pt dvs.
    Acest lucru se face la biroul JobCentre Plus local. Puteti gasi ramura locala pe siteul JobCentre Plus.

    De asemenea, trebuie sa aplicati pt NINO daca:
    - ati inceput sau sunteti pe cale sa incepeti munca
    - sunteti self employed
    - doriti sa platiti contributii voluntare si veti beneficia pe urma platii lor
    Pentru aceste aplicatii, trebuie sa sunati la numarul 0845 600 0643 intre 8.00am si 6.00pm de luni pana vineri.
    Daca aveti probleme cu auzul sau dificultati de vorbire, folositi telefonul text 0845 600 0644.

    Aplicatia pentru NINO

    Este un process de verificari prin care trebuie sa treceti cand aplicati pentru NINO. Mai intai, ne asiguram ca aveti nevoie de NINO. In al doilea rand, ne asiguram ca nu aveti deja un NINO. Daca aveti nevoie de NINO si nu aveti deja unul, va vom scrie si va vom ruga sa veniti la un interviu. Acest interviu este necesar pentru a va verifica identitatea si, acolo unde e cazul, dreptul de munca, pentru a fi siguri ca sunteti cine spuneti ca sunteti, ca aveti dreptul de munca in UK (acolo unde este cazul) si pentru a va proteja contul de asigurari sociale.

    Pentru ce este interviul?

    La interviu, va vom pune intrebari despre cine sunteti si de ce doriti un NINO. Aceasta informatie si orice documente oficiale aduceti cu dvs, ne vor ajuta sa va dovedim identitatea si, acolo unde este cazul, dreptul de munca. Este posibil de asemenea sa trebuiasca sa completati un formular pt a aplica pt NINO.
    Cand va oferim data interviului, va vom anunta si ce informatie sau dovezi trebuie sa aduceti cu dvs. Informatiile sau dovezile pe care trebuie sa le aduceti depind de motivul pentru care va trebuie NINO. Lista de mai jos va va oferi o id?e despre documentele relevante.
    Interviul va avea loc in mod normal cu o singura persoana daca nu cumva aveti nevoie de translator. Uneori e posibil sa va cerem permisiunea de a va retine documentele pt un timp scurt. Va vom oferi o chitanta pt documentele pe care ni le lasati.

    Ce tip de dovezi si informatii pot aduce?

    Iata cateva exemple de tipuri de dovezi si informatii de care avem nevoie. Nu acceptam fotocopii.

    Pt ajutor privind obtinerea unei copii a certificatului de nastere sau casatorie, vizitati siteul General Regsiter Office.

    Documente generale:
    Carte de identitate
    Certificat de nastere
    Certificat de casatorie sau parteneriat civil
    Permis de conducere (full)
    Documente de la Home Office
    2 sau mai multe pasapoarte daca aveti cetatenie dubla sau multipla
    Documente pentru imprumut ca student
    Carte de identitate de student
    Scrisoare de la colegiu care contine detaliile cursului
    Contract de inchiriere sau imprumut pt casa
    Documente de rezidenta sau naturalizare
    Certificat de adoptie

    Documente privind angajarea (employment)
    Fluturasi de salariu (payslips)
    Permis de munca
    Scrisoare de la angajator
    Contractul de angajare
    Detaliile agentiilor de recrutare cu care sunteti inregistrat
    Dovezi ca va cautati activ un job
    Certificat de incorporare (pt limited company)
    Memorandum al asocierii (pt limited company)
    Articole ale asocierii (pt limited company)
    Contract de servicii

    Documente daca sunteti persoana fizica autorizata (self employed)
    Copii de la chitantele/facturile oferite clientilor pentru plata (invoices)
    Scrisori de la contabilul dvs
    Scrisori de la clientii dvs
    Scrisoare de la HM Revenue & Customs care sa dovedeasca faptul ca sunteti self employed (ca de ex o factura pt plata Class 2 National Insurance contributions)
    Fisa de transfer de stoc

    Daca ati ajuns de curand in UK dup ace ati locuit in afara Europei, trevuie sa aduceti documente de calatorie. Acestea sunt documente care ofera informatii despre calatoriile dvs intre tari. Ele includ pasaportul, cartea de identitate sau fisa NASS 35 (in cazul celor ce solicita azil in UK).

    Brosura Cum sa iti dovedesti identitatea in scopul beneficiilor (ISSOA5JP) va ofera mai multe exemple privind acest tip de document.

    Daca aveti orice alte documente despre care credeti ca va pot ajuta sa va dovediti identitatea sau dreptul de munca, va rugam sa le aduceti cu dvs la interviu.

    Daca nu aveti nici un document, tot trebuie sa mergeti la interviu.
    Este posibil sa va puteti dovedi identitatea cu informatia pe care o oferiti la interviu.

    Ce se intampla dupa interviu?

    Daca aplicatia dvs are succes, va vom oferi NINO in scris cat de curand posibil dupa interviu. Va vom trimite un card cu NINO mai tarziu.
    Daca aplicatia nu are succes, va vom scrie sa va anuntam.

    Tineti minte ? NINO nu este o dovada de identitate.
    Informatii mai detaliate despre NINO puteti gasi pe site-ul HM Revenue & Customs.

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