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Cursuri gratuite online

Discussion in 'SEZATOARE' started by Dan, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Am gasit intamplator cateva cursuri gratuite si m-am gandit ca poate v-ar fi utile.
    Nu aduc diplome (in afara de cele de participare), acte, carduri si nici avantaje banesti, dar pot fi utile pentru dezvoltarea fiecaruia.
    Cursurile sunt online, majoritatea contin materiale video si text. La final, cine e constiincios primeste si un certificat de absolvire.

    Introducere in evolutia omului:
    (util pentru toata lumea)
    https://www.edx.org/course/wellesley/an ... lution/873
    4 ore pe saptamana, 13 saptamani. Incepe din 25 septembrie.

    The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color
    (util pentru cei cu inclinatii catre film, arte)
    din 16 septembrie, dureaza 5 saptamani

    Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice
    (util celor cu inclinatii catre security, armata si politie)
    Din 30 septembrie, dureaza 5 saptamani a cate 4-6 ore pe saptamana.

    Ideas of the Twentieth Century
    (de interes general)
    https://www.edx.org/course/utaustin/ut- ... entury/661

    Introduction to Logic
    (util pentru toata lumea. Ar trebui sa fie obligatoriu dpmdv)
    In this course, you will learn how to formalize information and reason systematically to produce logical conclusions. We will also examine logic technology and its applications - in mathematics, science, engineering, business, law, and so forth.
    de pe 30 septembrie, dureaza 8 saptamani. 5-7 ore pe saptamana

    Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
    (Emotional intelligence, hope, mindfulness, and compassion help a person reverse the damage of chronic stress and build great leadership relationships. The Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors inspire sustained, desired change and learning at many levels.)
    din 28 octombrie


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