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Imagine negativa

Discussion in 'Imagine negativa' started by bivo, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. bivo

    bivo New Member

    Jan 15, 2009
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    Patru romani, condamnati la Londra pentru ca au furat 700.000 de lire sterline
    O banda de hoti romani a fost arestata in Marea Britanie sub acuzatia de furt de la automatele care dau bilete de tren.
    Hotii au atacat de patru ori pe noapte timp de aproape o luna, folosindu-se de bare de metal pentru a sparge automatele si fura banii.
    Daunele provocate de acestia ating valoarea de 700.000 de lire sterline, informeaza The Argus.
    Cei patru barbati, Adrian Timis, in varsta de 22 de ani, Damian Pop, de 23 de ani, Ionut Jepu, de 20 de ani, si Nan Vasile, de 18 ani, au fost implicati in nu mai putin de 43 de jafuri.
    Pentru a reusi sa-i prinda, politia transporturi din Marea Britanie le-a intins o cursa.
    Pedeapsa pe care au primit-o cei patru barbati a fost de opt ani si patru luni de inchisoare. Acestia au antecedente penale, fiind implicati in mai multe jafuri in tara.

    Jail for rail raiders

    10:30pm Friday 27th March 2009
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    By Naomi Loomes »

    A gang of thieves launched a campaign of theft and destruction on the railways within days of arriving in Britain.

    The Romanian raiders, who struck up to four times a night for a month, used metal bars to smash open ticket machines and steal cash.

    The looters wore hoods to shield themselves from CCTV and evaded police as they flitted from hotel to hotel across the county.

    It is thought the crooks – who only pocketed small change in the raids – cost train operators more than £700,000.

    The four men, Adrian Timis, 22, Damian Pop, 23, Jonut Jepu, 20, and Nan Vasile, 18, targeted 14 stations only a month after entering the country.

    Members of the train gang were eventually linked to 43 incidents across Sussex and were today beginning long sentences behind bars.

    During a trial at Southwark Crown Court in London, a judge was told the gang hit Southbourne station on August 23 last year before targeting Burgess Hill, Goring, Durrington, Bexhill, Hampden Park, Plumpton, Moulsecoomb, Wivelsfield, Christ’s Hospital and Arundel.

    They also attacked stations in Surrey and London.British Transport Police set up a squad of detectives to try to snare the gang in an operation dubbed “Taurus”.

    Officers finally had a breakthrough in September after the Romanian nationals were spotted outside Ifield Station, Crawley, following an early morning raid at Arundel and Christ’s Hospital stations.

    Detective Sergeant Bob Stokoe said: “Officers saw two of the men leave the vehicle and examine the ticket machines at around 3.20am“Officers approached the vehicle and found the men were in possession of tools and clothing used in previous attacks as well as large amounts of cash and railway maps.”

    Today Timis, Pop, Jepu, and Vasile pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and were sentenced to a total of eight years and four months.

    Pop received two and a half years for 43 offences, Timis was handed two years for 26 offences, Jepu also received two years for 15 offences and 18-year-old Vasile was jailed for 20 months for seven offences.

    Vasile had been in the country for just over a week when he was arrested.

    Speaking after the hearing DS Stokoe said: “This group was involved in a campaign of thieving and caused a considerable amount of damage to machines across a very wide area. While the actual money taken was only minor, the cost of the damage to the machines to train operators was in excess of £700,000.

    “Officers worked around the clock viewing hours of CCTV of thefts taking place“It was a complex case to work on due to the area they were covering.

    Most involved Timis and Pop attacking the machine with crowbars and other implements, while Jepu acted as either driver or lookout.

    “Nan, who had only been in the country for a week before he was caught, was lookout in the three offences. They would work across vast areas, staying in nearby hotels and planning their early-morning attacks.

    “Thankfully, due to dogged detective work coupled with hours of quality CCTV from the various stations where they struck, we were able to put the best possible case forward to the court to get the result that we achieved today. Hopefully, a jail term will act as a deterrent to any others thinking of committing this type of crime.”

    Sursa :http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/4241891.Jail_for_rail_raiders/

    Iata si cateva din comentariile celor ce au citi articoul din ziar :

    Lofts, Brighton says...
    10:39pm Fri 27 Mar 09

    Brilliant, in the country for a month, commit a string of crimes, now we keep and feed them. No mention of deportation?

    captbaz, brighton says...
    11:12pm Fri 27 Mar 09

    i agree with Lofts they were in the country a week have cost the rail service nearly 3/4 million pounds and now we house them feed them clothe them and pay them a wage whilst they are in prison. They should have been deported immediatly and banned from england for ever

    snerper, brighton says...
    11:35pm Fri 27 Mar 09

    I think it's disgusting to refer to these poor misguided souls as
    'Romanians'! Surely that is as much of a slur as my comments using the P word to refer to the men who robbed an old man of £370.000.00 in a previous articlewas judged to be! Shall we call them 'apple pies' instead? it would save an awful lot of embarrassment for those poor 'apple pies' who have not been in our freedom loving country for very long and so consequently I assume they didn't know the laws concerning theft from the rail company! If we treated them better, i.e.= gave them a big house, a nice car and a decent weekly allowance to spend then surely they would't feel the need to go out getting themselves into trouble with those nasty police persons!We are too quick to judge others who've not had the opportunities that we soft English people have, so to all 'apple pies' everywhere I extend the hand of friendship and will welcome you with open arms to this land of great opportunity!

    gourmet, hove says...
    11:36pm Fri 27 Mar 09

    they can't be deported because Romania is a part of the EU

    The sentences are totally inadequate

    Pebbles, Brighton says...
    1:12am Sat 28 Mar 09

    Then they should serve their sentence in Romania... at the cost to the Romanian public.

    Then they should be refused to be allowed back in the UK when their punishment is completed.

    Because after the sentence is served over here they will receive all the benefits of the country they betrayed.

    inkywinky, Brighton says...
    8:01am Sat 28 Mar 09

    "Lenghthy sentences"? I dont think so. The jails are full of these Eastern Europeans who will all be out in a jiffy and robbing as usual. Its all a lot of these people know how to do and they know how low the sentence is and the low chance of ever getting caught. I oftain watched small children on the tubes in London trained to rifle through bags and pick pocket while with their parents. They rarely get caught and if they do they just get bail and disappear. Get out of Europe and its pathetic laws. Bring back the death penalty and lets sort this sad country out!
    Granny, Brighton says...
    2:50pm Sat 28 Mar 09

    I wonder how we would be treated if we went to Romania and did the same thing over there? We certainly would't be feather bedded in jail then be given benefits and a home when we got out. The way this country is being run(?) makes me sick!!!!!!!

    Ce facem fratiilor cu astfel de infractori ??
    Aceste infractiuni pe care ei le savarsesc ne afecteaza pe toti , direct sau indirect , si imaginea noastra ca romani are de suferit...

    Toate cele bune ,

  2. agnb1

    agnb1 New Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    what's new? Infractorii au facut crime din 1990, deci astea nu sint noutati. Este dezamagitor, si jenant, dar ce putem face noi?

    apropo, mi se pare ca acest subiect " imaginea negativa" a mai fost creat in trecut pe forum.
  3. silverfern

    silverfern New Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    Intr-adevar, ce putem face? Daca cerem pedepse mai mari decat cele acordate britanicilor, cu siguranta vor sari o gramada de organizatii pt apararea drepturilor omului sa-i apere. Problema e ca privarea de libertate nu prea e o pedeapsa. Au cazare si masa asigurata timp de n ani... Cati romani care muncesc legal in UK, traiesc fara sa-si faca griji unde or sa doarma maine, sau ce or sa manance? Sa-i pui la munca fortata, iar te lovesti de drepturile omului... Deh, binefacerile societatii moderne.
  4. dst

    dst Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    The article itself is reasonable. It is factual although the two references to the length of time the group had been in the UK are unnecessary and do pander toward the anti-immigrant line.

    The real issues of concern are revealed in the comments section where those posting are strongly hostile to immigration if not specifically to Romanians.

    People that comment on news websites will tend to be more opinionated than most, however, so you do need to be careful not to read too much general public sentiment into them.

    That said there continues to be a lack of positive stories about Romania and no real effort to tackle this reputational problem by the Romanian authorities.

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